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Persin, The first company providing Hotel Mining Services for digital currency miners who want power efficiency, best facilities and with the least costs

Persin hotel mining

Dedicated 24/7 IT and Technical support for your hardware and software

Reliable power supply, with the highest efficiency for your mining process

Lower cost of electricity, maintenance and location for you using the Mining Hotel

Remote access to your mining machines

Cooling and moisture control systems to create the best space for your mining hardware

۲۴-hour technical support for your extraction hardware

Persin Services

Block Chain

The first blockchain server-based architecture company in the country using the world-class hardware and proprietary proprietary servers.

Server / Cloud Network hardware

Sales, commissioning and support of a variety of private servers based on cloud technology

Designing and Programming

Programming and designing websites and apps using the latest technology in the world

Block Chain host

With block chain Cloud Servers as well as professional web hosting experts, it is the first to host and host the block chain

Web Design

Designing and supporting a variety of corporate and personal websites using the latest SEO coding technologies. under the supervision of professional webmasters


Advice and suggestion of your desired words along with website updates in terms of SEO rules Google search engine under the supervision of professional masters

Server Manage & Support

Launching and supporting a variety of real and virtual servers for Windows and Linux based on Technologies of the day including Hybrid and Cloud with the best security and storage hardware.

Android & IOS programming

Programming and support for a variety of apps on the Android platform and iOS with support and use of the latest strong interface updates.

Persin Co credits


Designed websites


Supported websites


Android Apps


IOS Apps


Mining server setup

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Our latest posts

Miner Hardware Pre-Sale

ASIC harwares

Whatsminer M3

( – )

Available: 60 units


Delivery: 25 to 35 working days

Price: $350

Antminer S9 (14th)

( – )

Available: 60 units


Delivery: 25 to 35 working days

Price: $540

Whatsminer M3

( Used )

Available: 60 units


Delivery: 25 to 35 working days

Price: $300

Antminer S9 (14th)

( Used )

Available: 60 units


Delivery: 25 to 35 working days

Price: $400

Creating a digital currency and brand building exclusively with Iranian and national block chain

National digital currency production

Create a digital national currency brand with your requested name or with your proposed collection names

The ability to pay, receive and even transfer electronic currency internationally for all activities of your organization

Creating and processing all your financial flows and increasing the organization’s credit on the requested digital currency at the national and global levels

Increase your organization’s value-added over time and start immediately after the first transaction

Eliminating financial intermediaries and exchanging all transactions between the buyer and seller directly

Increased liquidity for the whole of its portfolio internationally

Designing and manufacturing servers for the digital currency

Consulting and implementation and support of all of these services up until the global market

Ease of movement and speed in transmission, precision and security of funds

Ability to convert to domestic or foreign currency

Use of the most modern technologies in line with the world’s block chain industry for the first time in Iran

ELC – Electronic Letter of Credit

Electronic LC (ELC) is a new technology that was first established in the world by “Persin IT & Data Processing Company”. This innovative technology makes it possible to receive, maintain, and validate various types of electronic or non-electronic currencies from all over the world and deliver it to the two sides of the deal at any part of the world, in any currency, in cash or in a remittance and in accordance with the Constitution law.

What currency to buy ?

It is currently the most risky and best digital currency to buy Bitcoin.

In addition to Bitcoin, you can see three other major currencies

How to buy ?

You can make digital currencies online or in person.

But before that, you need to have an electronic wallet for saving digital currencies

Where to buy ?

You can buy digital currencies through Persin Company at the lowest cost and fastest transfer speed.

Also, digital currencies like bitcoin are available from stock exchanges, but this method has a high cost.

Buy digital currencies

You can buy and receive digital currencies from Parsian through the links below

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Block Chain in simple words Video

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لطفا کد تایید اعتبار را وارد نمایید.

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